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Visit from Bishop Gabriel and Ordination of Fr Andrei Myer

On December 14, 2014, Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada celebrated a Hierarchical Liturgy at Holy Trinity Monastery. Fr. Andrei Myer of Canada was ordained to the Priesthood during the Hierarchical Liturgy by Archbishop Gabriel.

Fr. Andrei Myer immigrated to Germany from Russia in the 1990's where he spent time at the monastery of Archbishop Mark of Berlin, Germany and of Great Britain. Fr Andrei immigrated to Vancouver, Canada about 10 years ago and was ordained by Archbishop Gabriel to the diaconate about five years ago. Fr Andrei is married with 5 children and is currently enrolled in the Holy Trinity Seminary Correspondence Program.

Fr. Andrei will be moving to the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada to help lead a new mission for the Russian community that has immigrated to that area. 


Ordination of Fr Andrei Myer - 12/14/14

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