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The Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos
The Faithful at Holy Trinity Monastery celebrated the blessed feast of the Annunciation on the Friday before the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Today the Archangel announces to the Theotokos that She will conceive a son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.  This is the “fountainhead of our salvation and the manifestation of the mystery which was from before the ages.” 
So let us Cry out with the archangel to the Theotokos “Rejoice!” for She bears in Her womb He who the heavens cannot contain--the Saviour of the world; and let us set our minds on Christ as we approach His Divine Passion and Resurrection--the saving acts of our Lord for the salvation of the world.

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Monday, 9 / 22 May
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3:30 Vespers, Matins
7:15 Small Compline
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4:00 Vespers, Matins
7:15 Small Compline
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