Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/ 60 Renovation to Electrical System in Jordanville's Main Church http://jordanville.org/news_180629_1.html Wed, 27 Jun 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/Churches/Cathedral5.jpg&archive=0&final_h=67&final_w=90&percent=100"><p>The cathedral of the Holy Trinity Monastery is widely known and loved as the focal point of the prayer life of the monastery. Its unique frescoes, painted by the every-memorable Archimandrite Cyprian, are treasured throughout the Orthodox world, and its many holy icons and relics are greatly venerated by the countless number of pilgrims who stream to the monastery throughout the year for spiritual renewal. &nbsp;The church is also used by the monks and the seminarians for the rich spiritual life of the monastery.</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180629_1.html 'Last Days of the Last Tsar' Exhibit Opens in Jordanville's Museum for 100th Anniversary http://jordanville.org/news_180717_1.html Tue, 17 Jul 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/News---2018/20180717-Last-Days-of-the-Last-Tsar-Exhibit/icon-of-christ.jpg&archive=0&final_h=90&final_w=77&percent=100"><p>On July 17<sup>th</sup>, 2018, an exhibition commemorating the 100<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;anniversary of the death of Tsar Nicholas II and his family opened at the <a href="http://www.russianhistoryfoundation.org">Russian History Museum</a> on the grounds of Holy Trinity Monastery.</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180717_1.html Pentecost http://jordanville.org/news_180606_1.html Sat, 26 May 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/News---2018/20180526-Pentecost/DSC_3934.jpg&archive=0&final_h=59&final_w=90&percent=100"><p>Since the monastery is dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity, our patronal feast day is Pentecost, or more correctly, the day of the Holy Spirit. &nbsp;Since Pascha was very early this year, the feast coincided with the civil holiday of Memorial Day, thus facilitating the pilgrimage of hundreds of the faithful. &nbsp;</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180606_1.html Photo Gallery - Jordanville in Spring http://jordanville.org/news_180521_1.html Sat, 19 May 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/News---2018/20180519-Jordanville-in-Spring/_DSC3489.jpg&archive=0&final_h=90&final_w=59&percent=100"><p>Through the generous voluntary efforts of members of the greater Jordanville community, Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary has been blessed with bountiful springtime beauty.</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180521_1.html Mid-Pentecost http://jordanville.org/news_180515_2.html Wed, 02 May 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/News---2018/20180502-Mid-Pentecost/_DSC3155.jpg&archive=0&final_h=59&final_w=90&percent=100"><p>On May 2, the Orthodox Church commemorated the feast of Mid-Pentecost, the half-way point between Pascha and Pentecost. &nbsp;This was a feast in the Old Testament Church.</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180515_2.html Sunday of the Samaritan Woman and Feast of St. George http://jordanville.org/news_180515_1.html Sun, 06 May 2018 00:00:00 -0400 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src="https://jordanville.org/display_image.php?ext=jpg&relativeimage=images/News---2018/20180506-Feast-of-St-George/_DSC3196-3.jpg&archive=0&final_h=59&final_w=90&percent=100"><p>The feast of the Great-Martyr and Trophy-bearer George is celebrated in the monastery as a full feast day. &nbsp;This year, it fell on the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. As if this were not enough to make it especially solemn this year, adding to the joy of the feast was the visit of Bishop Nikolaj from Las Vegas, so we were able to have a pontifical service and also to celebrate the Slava of His Grace as well as two of our seminarians, the brothers Milosh and Negosh.</p></div> Holy Trinity Monastery http://jordanville.org/news_180515_1.html