The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates on the Tuesday after Bright Week a special commemoration of all of those reposed in the Lord, and pannikhidas are served for the first time after Pascha.  In actuality, due to the present culture in which we live and due to work requirements, pannikhidas are served on St. Thomas Sunday, but here in the monastery, a universal pannikhida is served on Radonitsa itself. 

This year, the weather for Bright Week and the next few days has been very rainy.  However, there was a brief respite, and we were able to hold the pannikhida outside in front of the sepulchre of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus.  His Grace, Bishop Luke, superior of the monastery led the pannikhida and was co-served by clergy of the monastery.  As is customary at such pannikhidas, all of the commemoration books held in the monastery were read.  Praying for our reposed brethren and our many pilgrims who have gone on to eternal rest is one of the main obediences of the monastery.  Thus in this way, on this feast, we share our Paschal joy with our fathers and brethren.

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Holy Pascha
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