We've raised
Our Goal
Summer Facilities Maintenance - $200,000.00
started 07/12/22

We are happy to report that thanks to your generous response and support, we have met our goal of 200K for the summer facilities maintenance fundraiser. May God abundantly bless all those who have contributed to it.
Thanking you again on behalf of the Monastery Brotherhood, the Seminary administration and the Seminarians!.

+ Bishop Luke 

Summer Facilities Maintenance Appeal
09-17- 2022 Appeal Update

Dear in Christ friends of Holy Trinity Monastery, As of today we have  raised nearly $62,000.00 of our $200,000.00 goal. We were contacted by a supporter of the Monastery who has kindly offered to match dollar for dollar  the next $50,000.00 raised in our appeal.  Thank you to everyone for their support. We ask for prayers for the successful completion of our work.  God bless your generosity! + Bishop Luke

Dear in Christ friends of Holy Trinity Monastery, We would like to give you an update of our 2022 Summer Facilities Maintenance Appeal. Thank you to all who have contributed  thus far. With God’s help, work is underway for various projects in this appeal. Currently we are working on the septic disposal system of the monastery, replacing our carpentry shop roof as well as replacing the seminary building roof with a metal roof due to water leaks. Work is also underway in preparing new cupolas for our Cathedral and six new windows for  the main dome.  The doors to the crypts of the main cathedral have  been replaced with new heavy duty metal doors and painted.  Other projects that have been  completed are the cleaning and painting of the bell tower, and the restoration of the main entrance to the monastery dormitory building.  We have raised nearly $31,000 of our $200,000 goal thus far. Please continue your support so that we may be able to complete these projects and other maintenance needs as they arise before winter.   God bless your generosity! + Bishop Luke  

Dear in Christ friends of Holy Trinity Monastery, Your support over the years has helped us to continue our mission here in Jordanville on behalf of all of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia(ROCOR). However, we need some urgent help to defray the costs of repairs and improvements. Holy Trinity Monastery was built in the 1940s when building codes were different from those of today. The Monastery Dormitory currently has an inadequate septic disposal system that needs urgent repair. We also need to replace the aging flooring in the monastic building as it is crumbling and breaking into pieces.We need to install a new hood and exhaust fan system in our kitchen to be up to code. Our carpentry shop roof needs to be replaced so that the woodworking tools are not ruined by exposure to rain. We have repaired leaks in the roof of the main cathedral, replaced the flooring and rugs in the main cathedral, and are working on restoring the frescoes and replacing the five main cupolas, and six windows in the main dome, as well as the four crypt doors. We have received generous support for this project, however, it is not completely funded. We need to raise $200,000.00 to cover these expenses. Please use the links below to send a donation via Tithely, Paypal, Text Give to (844) 638-0876 or send us a cheque payable to Holy Trinity Monastery, earmarked "summer facilities maintenance". God bless your generosity! + Bishop Luke




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