Monday After Pentecost
Monday After Pentecost

Monday, June 16, 2008 - 06/16/08

On Monday of the Holy Spirit, we had the honor to have His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion serve with us again. The Very Rev. Michael Boikov was awarded the jeweled cross for his service to the Church. Rev. Deacon Aleksey Dyuka was ordained to the priesthood and will now serve the Church in China. Deacon Nikolai Olhovski, received the double Orarion for his service and dedication to Metropolitan Laurus and  the Church, Andrei Psarev, instructor of Russian Church History and Canon Law at Holy Trinity Seminary was made a subdeacon, and Arsenii Pilguik, a graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary was tonsured a reader for the German Diocese. May God help them in their service to the Church and grant them much strength. At the end of the liturgy Protodeacon Joseph read Grammata from the Synod of Bishop to Protodeacon Victor Lohmatov thanking him for his over 50 years of service, support and self sacrifice  in assisting  the late Metropolitan Laurus and working for Holy Trinity Monastery.

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