Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery - August 2013 Update
Restoration Work at Holy Trinity Monastery - August 2013 Update

Since our last update with phase one of the electrical work at Holy Trinity Monastery we are now continuing with phase two of rewiring each floor by disabling old electrical panels and connecting everything to the new panels  and then beginning the difficult task of running new wires to each room. We have also begun doing exterior stucco work repairs for the Holy Trinity Monastery Cathedral as well as the Dormition Chapel in the Cemetery as over the years the old stucco was crumbling. Exterior repair work is already in progress for the main monastery garages which over the years have begun to decay in many areas forcing us to close the outdoor rest rooms due to water coming in through the roof. The Kitchen project is currently in its last stage of planning which we hope to complete  by the end of the year and also replace the septic system. We will  be posting more pictures as work progresses.

Repairs are very costly and we appreciate your continued prayeful and finacial support!

Monastery Garage Exterior Repairs

(5 images)

Monastery Garage - Roof Repair

(5 images)

Holy Trinity Cathedral Stucco Repair Work

(13 images)

Electrical Work - Phase Two

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