Labor Day Weekend Pilgrimage
Labor Day Weekend Pilgrimage

Every year during Labor Day weekend the monastery  hosts a pilgrimage where many come to pray to the Mother of God and Saint Job of Pochaev. So also this year between August 31 - September 2 the monastery kept this tradition and had His Grace Bishop Jerome lead the services accompanied by monastic clergy and visiting clergy. Archpriest Vladimir Malchenko came with  many pilgrims from Toronto to take part in the celebrations and to support the monastery. Also a group of youth came for the weekend where they participated in monastery work, listened to a talk on spiritual struggle and took part in the monastery services. The Kursk Root Icon was present during all the services and the icon was taken to all the monastery and seminary quarters to be blessed. On Saturday after lunch a pannykhida was served by Archimandrite Luke for the repose of Metropolitan Laurus and Archimandrite Flor who saints day this was.   At 3 pm  the Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God was brought to the Holy Trinity Monastery Cathedral from the Dormition Chapel which due to rain this year  the procession was canceled. An Akathist was served followed by the Communion Rule and at 7PM vigil.  Around three hundred pilgrims came on Sunday. As has been the tradition in the monastery,  two liturgies were served on this day. One at 6am in the Saint Job of Pochaev Church and one at 9am in the main cathedral. Bishop Jerome gave two short sermons, one in Russian on the Epistle theme, "Бог ны посланники последния яви", where "poslanniki" can mean both "apostles" and "exiles" (from our true Home), and in English on the Gospel words about "Faith as a grain of mustard seed".  After the liturgy a moleben was served with procession around the Church. A meal was served for all the pilgrims after the service. 

Pannykhida for Metropolitan Laurus and Archimandrite Flor

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Saturday Vigil

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Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2013

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