Open House at Holy Trinity Monastery
Open House at Holy Trinity Monastery

On October 25, 2014, Holy Trinity Monastery opened its doors to host an open house event for the general public. Over 300 visitors, many of them non-Orthodox, visited the Monastery. Beginning at 1 pm, Fr. Luke spoke about the the history of the Orthodox Church using a power point presentation where he illustrated the continuity between the present Church and the Gospel. Photos of Orthodox churches in the Holy Land from Mt. Sinai to the Lord's Tomb made it clear that there exists an unbroken history of Orthodoxy and the Gospel. Further He described the early Church after the Apostles and its growth into the Five Patriachates, into Russia and finally America. Fr. Luke answered questions from visitors who had never experienced the Orthodox Church before.

Following Fr. Luke's talk, Heirodeacon Seraphim spoke about the history of Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary. He spoke about the founding of the Monastery and Seminary and the value of its printshop during and after the Soviet Union. Visitors asked questions about the Seminary and about how one becomes a clergy-member in the Orthodox Church.

The Foundation of Russian History Curator Michael Perekrestov spoke to visitors about the museum and encouraged them to come see the unique artifacts that it contains. 

Following the talks, visitors enjoyed wonderful refreshments and visited the newly-opened museum and bookstore. At 2:45, Hieromonk Theophylact led a tour of Holy Trinity Cathedral. He spoke to the visitors about the design of the exterior and interior of the Cathedral. Visitors were amazed by the beautiful iconography and asked questions about the similarities between Orthodox churches and ancient Jewish Temples.

Fr. Luke mentioned that while today was an official open house, the Monastery's doors are always open to visitors to come, ask questions, and attend services.


Open House 2014 - 10/25/14

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