Blessing of a new cemetery
Blessing of a new cemetery

On Friday, July 31, 2015, after lunch, a new cemetery area was consecrated.  Due to the fact that almost all of the available plots in the older monastery cemeteries have been purchased, a new section has been prepared along side the oldest cemetery.  For the Orthodox faithful, this need for more plots has been emphasized especially of late, as recently there have been more and more requests for cemetery plots.  This is due no doubt to the fact that the souls of those buried in the Holy Trinity Monastery cemetery are prayed for during the Divine Liturgy and also during the several special commemorative days during the church year.

And so under a blue sky with a refreshing breeze, monastery clergy, headed by the abbot, Archimandrite Luke, with the assistance of Protodeacon Victor, blessed the new cemetery, asking God’s blessing upon the grounds and also a blessed repose for those to be buried therein.  With this, the monastery continues to fulfill its mission, praying for spiritual peace for the living as well as for those who have entered eternal rest.


Blessing of a new cemetery - 08/01/15

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