Triumph of Orthodoxy at Holy Trinity Monastery
Triumph of Orthodoxy at Holy Trinity Monastery

On Saturday, March 19, His Grace, Metropolitan Jonah arrived at Holy Trinity Monastery to lead the Divine Services for the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Following Sunday's Liturgy, Metropolitan Jonah delivered a sermon about how all of the faithful are called to Christ in the same way that Nathanael was called by Christ as described in the Gospels. Following the sermon, all the clergy gathered in the middle of the cathedral to serve the "Rite of Orthodoxy." Holy Trinity Seminary Alumnus Fr. Peter Markevitch led the proclaiming of the anathemas.

Video of Anathema Section of Rite of Orthodoxy Service

Triumph of Orthodoxy Vigil at Holy Trinity Monastery - 03/19/16

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Triumph of Orthodoxy Liturgy and Rite of Orthodoxy - 03/20/16

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