Pannykhida for Vladyka Laurus
Pannykhida for Vladyka Laurus

The monastery zealously keeps the memory of all of the reposed brethren of the brotherhood, those who have ended their lives within the walls of our sacred habitation. On the anniversary of their repose and also on their Name’s Day, the monastics chant “Memory Eternal” after the noon-time meal. Of course, all the monastics are prayed for every day, both living and dead, during the Proskomedia.

Likewise, pannikhidas are served for the more memorable fathers who have played an important role in the life of the monastery, such as our founder, Archimandrite Panteleimon, Archimandrite Cyprian, the famous iconographer, and so on. Especially solemnly kept is the memory of our reposed abbot and bishop, Metropolitan Laurus, who led the monastery for over thirty years.

This year, our present abbot, Archimandrite Luke, recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, along with Protodeacon, Vladyka Laurus’s long-time and faithful protodeacon and secretary, joined by the brotherhood and pilgrims sang the Pannykhida after lunch on August 31 (18 O.S.), the Name’s Day of Vladyka. Also commemorated were our Archimandrites Flor, whose Name’s Day it also was and Sergius, the long-time economos , Liturgics teacher and ecclesiarch of the monastery, whose day of repose it was. In addition we also prayed for Rassophore Monk Andrei and Subdeacon Vasili Anderson, who tragically died on this day and who was a former seminarian.

We piously believe that by praying for our fathers, they will also pray for us before the throne of God, especially Metropolitan Laurus, who spent his life in selfless service to both the monastery and the Church.

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Pannykhida for Vl. Laurus - 08/31/17

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