General Unction Service Held at Holy Trinity Monastery
General Unction Service Held at Holy Trinity Monastery
March 27th, 2018

Every since 1988 the monastery has conducted annual General Unction services for its members and also for the faithful and pilgrims.  Before it was felt that this service would interfere with the many-houred and solemn services of Great Lent and especially those of Holy Week.  However, due to the number of seriously ill fathers at the time, the service was held and has been ever since.

 For the last few years, due to the complications of having this service during Holy Week, already burdened with many and long services, it has been the custom to have the unction service the week before Holy Week.  

The church is always packed with many of the faithful, as it was this year, also.  People come from the neighboring parishes as well as pilgrims and of course, the fifty or so inhabitants of the monastery and seminary, in addition to our many Orthodox neighbors.  

Besides aiding in the ailments of the faithful, this service helps prepare us for the upcoming services of Holy Week, leading up to Pascha itself.  

We thank God for this opportunity to further cleanse ourselves and obtain healing in the await for the Lord’s Resurrection.

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