Pannikhida for Metropolitan Laurus
Pannikhida for Metropolitan Laurus

August 18/31, 2019, the day of the commemoration of the Holy Martyrs Florus and Laurus, is the Saint’s Day of our ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus and Archimandrite Flor.  For this reason, a pannikhida was served after lunch by His Grace, Bishop Luke, abbot of our monastery, joined by the monastery clergy, neighbors and pilgrims, who were already arriving for the Labor Day weekend festivities. 


Also commemorated were Hierodeacon Andrei, a reposed member of our brotherhood and also Subdeacon Basil Anderson, a former seminarian, who tragically died in a home accident many years ago, and also the newly reposed Ludmilla Popow, mother-in-law of our Protodeacon Victor Lochmatow.


May the Lord grant them all eternal memory!

Pannikhida for Metropolitan Laurus

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