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Thursday, 11 / 24 September
5:00 am - Midnight Office
6:00 am - Divine Liturgy
4:00 pm - Vespers, Matins
7:15 pm - Small Compline
Friday, 12 / 25 September
Apodosis of Nativity of Theotokos
5:00 Midnight Office
6:00 Divine Liturgy
4:00 Vespers, Matins
7:15 Small Compline
Saturday, 13 / 26 September
Forefeast Exaltation
Dedication of Church of the Resurrection
5:00 Midnight Office
6:00 Divine Liturgy
4:00 Communion Rule
7:00 Vigil
Sunday, 14 / 27 September
16th Sunday after Pentecost
8:00 Midnight Office
9:30 Divine Liturgy
4:00 Vespers, Matins
7:15 Small Compline

The roof of the  chapel  of Saint John of Kronstadt and Saint John of Rila  was in great need of repair. It  was built through the labors of a bulgarian refugee Dimitri Blachev who was taken into the  monastery by Vladyka Laurus back in the 1970s. Dimitri after laboring here for many years decided it was time to leave and in gratitude to the Monastery he built this chapel in typical balkan style. The roof needed to be replaced as it was falling in and the beautiful iconography inside was in danger of being destroyed. Taking advantage of the roofers who were in the monastery replacing the roof of the main residence and office building it was decided to go ahead and replace the roof with a wood shingle roof. 

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