Funeral of Archimandrite Job

Even though Fr. Job was basically a shut-in for several years, a multitude of people made their way to Holy Trinity Monastery for his funeral from all over the country.  People truly loved this meek and very devout monk who spent 72 years of his life living in our holy abode, laboring for the monastery and his salvation.  I think he would have been truly amazed at the number of people who came to bid him farewell, to this true and faithful servant of our Lord.

            Even our First Hierarch, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and the vicar bishop of Manhattan, Nikolai, came from New York to serve the funeral along with our own Bishop Luke.  In truth, most of the bishops of our Church as well as many if not most of our clergy, especially the ones who were educated in our seminary, knew and loved Fr. Job.  In the event, there were many priests and deacons who came to serve at the funeral of our beloved and eldest archimandrite.  This is so typical of such funerals:  those who in life avoided attention and attempted to not attract “followers,” in death are immensely venerated by the faithful, who feel a real empathy with such ascetic laborers in the vineyard of the Lord.

            The funeral was served very prayerfully.  A remarkable calm and tranquility were felt by everyone, the same characteristics of our venerable Fr. Job.  While everyone felt sadness at the departure of such a monk, generally loved by everyone, there was the perception that now we have gained another heavenly intercessor for the monastery that Fr. Job was so dedicated to.

            At the conclusion of the funeral service, after a prolonged “Last Kiss,” Fr. Job’s earthly remains were carried to the old brotherhood cemetery behind the cathedral to be buried next to Archimandrite Flor, his fellow laborer.

            The nephew and niece of Fr. Job, the Very Rev. Mitred Archpriest Gregory Naumenko and Matushka Elena Perekrestova offered a commemoration meal for the brethren, seminarians and pilgrims before the funeral. 

            May the Lord give eternal rest to His faithful servant, the newly reposed Archimandrite Job, and may he find daring before the throne of the Almighty to intercede for us sinners.


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