One of the most compelling Holy Week services is that of Holy Saturday matins, held in the monastery at 2AM.  During the beginning of the service, Vladyka Luke and the monastery clergy chant the Praises antiphonally with the choir.  At the conclusion of this, the canon of Holy Saturday is chanted, followed by Lauds and the Great Doxology.  At the conclusion of this, the Shroud is carried in procession around the church as if in a funeral procession.  For this reason, this service is popularly called the “Burial service.”  However, this is only part of the service, as at the finish of the procession, the Shroud is carried up to the Roya Gates with the ringing of the trezvon, and then there follows the Old Testament reading from Ezekiel, changed in an old Russian chant about Ezekiel’s vision of the future resurrection of the dead.  Then there is the Old Testament reading with the Resurrection Prokeimenon and Alleluia, with the first Resurrection Gospel of Holy Week, during which all the lights are turned on in the sanctuary.  Thus little by little the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection is revealed. 

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Holy Friday
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