40th Day Since the Repose of Metropolitan Hilarion

Today, June 24 is the 40th day of the repose of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Hilarion.  Our dear Vladyka was much loved by his flock, as he himself always showed us so much love.  So, not just as our natural duty, but out of love for all that Vladyka did for us, his spiritual children, we observed a special day of prayer in his memory.

His Grace, Bishop Luke, abbot of the monastery, served the Divine Liturgy at 6AM along with not only monastery clergy, but also with guests from near and far.  During the liturgy, Archpriest Sergey Lukianov gave an impassioned sermon about the significance of our dear late First Hierarch.  He pointed out perhaps the two main virtues of Vladyka, his humility and his love.  Metropolitan Hilarion perhaps did not write any theological works, but his love was a testimony to his acquiring the Holy Spirit and the incarnation in him of the truths of Orthodoxy.  In point, Fr. Sergey remarked that when he fell asleep in the Lord, Vladyka had no enemies.  He loved all, regardless of their rank, their sex, their station in life.  If he ever had any unpleasantness with anybody, he forgave all immediately. 

            One of the fathers here in the monastery remarked that when he was a young monastic, he would go to Vladyka, when he was still a hieromonk in the monastery, to complain about someone, and just entering Fr. Hilarion’s cell, and seeing him, this monk’s grievances immediately disappeared.  Such was the grace surrounding the person of the future metropolitan.  It was simply impossible to keep any trouble, any grief when in the company of our Vladyka.

            Immediately at the end of the service, the officiating clergy processed to the brotherhood cemetery behind the cathedral to serve a pannikhida at the grave of Metropolitan Hilarion. 

            The monastery had a memorial meal in remembrance of Vladyka at 12 noon.  At the end of lunch, Vladyka Luke spoke a few words regarding Metropolitan Hilarion.  He recalled that when Fr. Hilarion was elected by the Synod of Bishops to join the ranks of our episcopate, instead of choosing the option of refusal, he simply went to the abbot, Archbishop Laurus, and asked his blessing, showing his deep humility before the authority of the Church.

            After lunch, another pannikhida was served for those who could not attend the early morning services.  After lunch, Bishop Luke said that hopefully with time, a book will be published with all the many memories of Metropolitan Hilarion and all his countless good deeds, especially for the spreading abroad of the holy Orthodox faith in many countries around the world. 

            May all of his, his spiritual children, keep his memory in our hearts and continue his work according to our possibilities, and attempt to emulate in ourselves his many virtues.

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