Optina Chapel

The Elders of Optina are commemorated on October 10. They were officially glorified on May 12, 1990 in the Cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas in Montreal, Canada. The chapel to the Optina  Elders, as well as our monastery's bell tower  were completed in 1988 as part of the millenian celebration of Orthodoxy in Russia. It is located on the third floor of the monastic dormitory and adorned with the original icon that was used for the glorification,  and many other holy relics of saints. Services are held at the chapel during the winter season.

The Elders of Optina brought many people to salvation through their prayers and their God given wisdom and enlightenment. They have inspired  and guided countless of faithful to a true understanding of the spiritual life. May they help us in our difficult times to lead a proper spiritual life based on humility and truth.

Saint Herman Press has published an excellent  series of the lives of the Optina Elders. These books are highly recommended as they inspire one towards the spiritual life and are contemporary examples of people striving towards holiness. These books may also be purchased through our bookstore.

Chapel of the Optina Elders

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