Pentecost 2015 at Holy Trinity Monastery
Pentecost 2015 at Holy Trinity Monastery

On May 31, 2015, Holy Trinity Monastery celebrated the Feast of Pentecost. His Eminence, Metropolitan Jonah (OCA) celebrated the Hierarchical Vigil and Liturgy. During Saturday night’s Vespers, a Litia was held outside with a cross procession to all four corners of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. During Vespers, the Church sang “O Heavenly King” for the first time since Midnight Office before Pascha (see video below).

At 9 am on Sunday, the Vesting of the Bishop began with the 3rd and 6th hours. Metropolitan Jonah celebrated the Liturgy with many visiting clergy from the surrounding area. Metropolitan Jonah delivered the homily speaking about Pentecost and the transformative effects of the Holy Spirit on our lives (see homily below).

Following Liturgy, the Metropolitan served the Vespers service with the three prayers on bended knees. After the Vespers service, Abbot Archimandrite Luke congratulated everyone with the feast and invited them to a festive meal followed by a reception.

We wish everyone a blessed Pentecost!

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Video of "O Heavenly King"
Metropolitan Jonah's Homily

Pentecost Vespers 2015 - 05/31/15

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Pentecost Vigil 2015 - 05/31/15

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Pentecost Liturgy 2015 - 05/31/15

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Pentecost Reception 2015 - 05/31/15

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