Holy Spirit Day
Holy Spirit Day

On the eve of Holy Spirit Day, Sunday afternoon, Small Compline was served before supper with the reading of the Canon to the Holy Spirit.  After supper, Matins was served, in preparation for the altar feast of the monastery cathedral.

            At 8 AM on Monday, Holy Spirit Day, the serving priest blessed Holy Water as is the custom for an altar feast.  At 9 AM, the ringing of the bells announced the meeting of the presiding bishop, Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada.  The abbot, Bishop Luke, was already vested and waiting in the altar area.

            After the vesting of Vladyka and the reading of the hours, the Divine Liturgy commenced with the presence of several guest priests in addition to the monastery clergy.  The liturgy proceeded prayerfully and solemnly.  As happened yesterday, many of the faithful availed themselves of the Holy Mysteries.  Following the liturgy, a moleben was served with a procession around the cathedral, stopping at all four corners for litanies and blessings of holy water. 

            At the end of the service, all were invited to partake of a festive monastery luncheon.

Later, Vladyka Luke invited all the clergy and pilgrims to a reception in his office. 

            Tomorrow, according to the traditions of the church typicon, the Third Day of Trinity will be served festively.  As stated by Vladyka Gabriel at the end of the moleben, all of our community rejoice at the ability to once more celebrate our altar feast as it has always been our tradition and once again, the monastery is open as a place of pilgrimage and spiritual rest and strengthening.   May God grant it..

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