Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday the Church commemorates the first Mystical Meal, or Divine Liturgy.  The main theme is the partaking of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and the unity of His apostles with their Master.  By divine providence, we still have this in Christ’s Church to this day.  The Eucharist both unties us to our Lord and one to another.

On this day, it is the tradition of our monastery that all residents, both monastics and seminarians as well as many if not most of our neighbors partake of the Divine Mysteries.

Another important feature of this feast is the rite of the washing of the feet of twelve of the monastery clergy.  This shows that if one wants to be a true servant of the Master, one should serve all.  This rite is always very moving. Our abbot, His Grace Bishop Luke performed this ceremony after serving the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil together with the monastery clergy.

The matins of Holy Friday is popularly called the matins of the Twelve Gospels, which are readings of the Passion of Our Lord, spread throughout the matins service.  It is  a very lengthy but very beautiful service with some of the most beautiful chants of the Russian Orthodox Church.  The Crucifixion Cross is placed in the middle of the sanctuary, so that all of our attention is centered upon it.  The monastery is blessed to have a rather large block of stone from Golgotha, which is placed next to the Crucifixion for veneration. 

            According to established practice, the large bell is tolled a number of times according to the number of the Gospel reading.  At the end, a soft trezvon is rung, signifying how the Lord’s Passion has accomplished our salvation.  Many of the faithful arrange to carry the flame of their candles held during the readings home to bless the hearths of their homes.

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Holy Friday
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