The patronal feast of the monastery is Pentecost, more particularly, the Day of the Holy Spirit, the day after the great feast day.  On Saturday afternoon, the Rule for Communion is longer than usual as the Akathist that forms part of the Rule is to the Holy Trinity, a very lengthy composition.  During the All-Night Vigil, when the Litya is served, it is our tradition to process around the church, stopping at all four corners for the petitions to be read. 

            The next morning, as is traditional, an early liturgy was served at 6 AM in the basement church of St. Job for those brethren who due to obedience cannot participate in the pontifical Divine Liturgy at 9 AM.  Also, many pilgrims avail themselves of this option due to travel plans.

            At 9 AM, His Grace was greeted in church by the monastery clergy.  After vesting, the Hours were read.  At the conclusion of the liturgy, Great Vespers was served with the three prayers to the Holy Spirit, read while kneeling.  Bouquets of flowers were handed out by Vladyka to the priests.  Vladyka read the first prayer. Archimandrite Theophylact and Archimandrite Nektarios read the second and third prayers. 

            At the end of the services, all were treated to a festal monastery meal.  Lunch was served even in the seminary hall to accommodate all the pilgrims.

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