Name's Day of the Ever-Memorable Metropolitan Laurus
Name's Day of the Ever-Memorable Metropolitan Laurus

Today in the Church calendar are commemorated the holy Martyrs Laurus and Florus.  This was the Name’s Day of our beloved and ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus (+2008) and Archimandrite Flor (+2012).

Vladyka and Fr. Flor were part of the group of monastics who immigrated to our monastery in 1946 from Eastern Europe at the end of the devastating World War II.  Together with the other fathers who also came at that time, including the famous iconographer, Archimandrite Cyprian and the future Archbishop Alypy of Chicago and Mid-west America.

After lunch, a pannikhida was served by Bishop Luke with monastery clergy, commemorating these bishops and fathers, including Archimandrite Sergii, who also arrived with the above fathers, whose day of repose was this day.

All of these fathers of our monastery are responsible for the building of our monastic community and without whom we would not have the treasure that we have today, the Lavra of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, as it was called by Metropolitan Anastassy.

Through their prayers may we continue our grace-filled mission.

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